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At Disability Resource Group (DRG), we are focused on delivering full-spectrum solutions to our customers. Whether we're working with an individual case or multi-life cases, all of our clients benefit from our years of proven experience and success. We offer unbiased, cost-effective solutions to help your clients obtain the disability coverage that meets their objectives.

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Disability insurance is not ultimately about disability; it is about protecting a person’s or family’s financial future in the event of a disabling accident or sickness. The vast majority of Americans do not have enough savings to pay their expenses during even a short-term emergency. Many could not tap into their retirement funds because they are very limited. Even those who have retirement savings, do not want to jeopardize their golden years.

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Disability Insurance is a complicated field, and our representatives support you throughout the year to assist with ongoing education on a variety of subjects, including how to best utilize disability insurance within existing financial plans, business continuation plans and more. In addition, we offer an updated archive of broker resources, packed with the knowledge you need to succeed.

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New Individual DI Product: Principal Income Protector

Posted on

Their new product, Principal Income Protector, can be ideal to help small to midsize business owners, their key employees, and individuals protect their income in a variety of ways. […]

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Welcome to DIAM 2022!

Posted on

As you know, May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Click the links below for materials from our carrier and organization partners. Check your e-mail and our social media pages for daily updates. […]

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2021 Disability Insurance Awareness Month!

Posted on

STILL DOING IT! As we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are still staying safe but DIAM must go on! We will be sending you tools you can use to spread the word, just as we always have done. However, this year we are posting daily to our social media accounts […]

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