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Download Books by John F. Nichols

Passion, Purpose, Protection

Passion, Purpose, Protection:
The Ability of Disability Insurance

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Income Protection

Income Protection:
The Conversation

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Articles by Benjamin & Team

New Year. New Opportunities with Existing Clients.

New Year. New Opportunities with Existing Clients.

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The Cost of Waiting...

The Cost of Waiting...

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One Size Does Not Fit All!

One Size Does Not Fit All!

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Don't Be Afraid To Ask

Don't Be Afraid To Ask

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After tax season presents opportunities for Financial Advisors.

After Tax Season

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Fidelity Security Life Insurance

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance


Disability Income Insurance Occupation Guide

Disability Income Insurance Underwriting Guide

DI Paycheck Power Series Agent Guide

W-2 Employee Occupation Class Upgrade


DI Consumer Guide. Giving You the Power to Help Protect Your Income.

DI for Stay-At-Home Spouses

  • Illinois Mutual is proud to offer disability income insurance (DI) to stay-at-home spouses. While many companies do not offer this valuable coverage, we understand stay-at-home spouses are a financial asset to any household. That’s why we offer coverage to spouses when their wage-earning spouse has or is applying for coverage with Illinois Mutual.

DI Underwriting Making a Difference

  • We believe direct and prompt communication is integral to success and doing business the right way. That’s why you can always contact our DI underwriting team to assist you with underwriting questions, case status updates and service needs.

Which job would you Choose? Job A or Job B


Business Owners Need DI

  • No business is immune to the loss of staff, but small operations run a greater risk of being put out of business because they have many of the same responsibilities as larger businesses, but fewer resources to handle them. Fortunately, there is a disability income insurance that covers business expenses when you can’t: Business Expense Power (BE105) from Illinois Mutual.

BE Needs Calculator Worksheet


How To: Marketing to Specific Professions

  • Your community is filled with people who rely on their incomes and hairdressers, wait staff, nurses, plumbers, etc. These hardworking professionals are ideal to approach about disability income insurance (DI). They work hard for what they have and need DI to help protect their income. The opportunity to market to specific professions is there, you just need to take it!

Farmers and Ranchers – PDF Fillable



Sales Concepts


Mutual of Omaha

Petersen International Underwriters


Personal High Limit Disability Insurance

Accelerated Benefit Plan

Stock Option Plan

Executive 400 Disability Insurance Plan

Physicians & Surgeons Disability Plan

Dentists Disability Insurance Plan

Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan

Brokers & Traders Disability Insurance Plan

Legal Profession Disability Insurance Plan

Chiropractors Disability Insurance Plan

Disability Insurance Solutions Plan for Blue and Gray Collar Markets

Pilots Loss of License

Graded Benefit Disability Insurance for Impaired Risks


Buy-Sell Disability Insurance

Buy-Sell PLUS Disability

Business Overhead Expense

Key Person Disability Insurance

Multi Life Disability Insurance

Contract Guarantee Disability Insurance

Severance Agreement Disability Insurance

Loan Indemnification Disability Insurance


Athlete Disability Insurance Plans

Student Athlete Disability Insurance

Racecover Disability Insurance

Pro Jockey Disability Insurance

Links Disability Insurance for Pro Golfers


Personal Needs

 Income Protection

  • Disability Income (JJ1674)
  • Core Value Income Protection (JJ1865)

Retirement Plan Contribution Protection

  • DI Retirement Security (JJ1709)

Business Owner Needs

Business Solutions

  • Overhead Expense (JJ1648)
  • Business Loan Protection (JJ1873)
  • Disability Buy-Out (JJ1700)
  • Key Person Replacement (JJ1699)

Employee Benefits Solutions

Sales Ideas

To help overcome common client objections, Principal Life Insurance Company has a series of sales ideas to help address three main concerns:

  • “I won’t need it”
  • Increased Expenses During a Disability
  • It Won’t Happen To Me
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • Comparison of DI, Auto and Homeowners Insurance
  • What Are Your Priorities?
  • “I’m already protected”
  • Group LTD May Not Be Enough

Customizable Flyer for Each of the Topics Above


Videos are a great way to showcase the need for income protection.


Consumers, especially young professionals, are drawn to visuals.

Claimant Testimonials

Sharing real-life stories of IDI claims helps clients understand the need for income protection.

  • Attorney testimonial (JJ1977)
  • Business owner testimonial (JJ1275)
  • Veterinarian testimonial (JJ1997)
  • Physician testimonial (Juliette Graziano)   (JJ2260)

The Standard

Platinum Advantage Producer Materials

Platinum Advantage Consumer Materials

Business Owner Needs

Business Solutions

Workplace Solutions

Sales Ideas



Claims Information

Marketing Pieces – Consumer and Producer

Sample Policy



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